Our team is small yet diverse. With as many personalities in the mix as their are genres to the music we create, you’re set to meet your biggest fan, worst critic, level-headed A&R person and motivational coach while working with Exilic Music. We value our clients as much as we value our products, so as much as we’re bound to invest in your music, we’d love to invest in you too. Please forgive us if we get excited by your talent or overwhelmed by your skill and seem to be. We get involved, we get attached and we most certainly want to see you succeed.  Here’s a run down on who’s who and what you can expect from each of us when you work with Exilic Music.


Jeremy Koeries (professionally and affectionately known as JK) is the co-founder and co-owner of Exilic Music along with his wife, Tania Michelle.  He is as dedicated to and impassioned about the studio as you are about the things which matter to you. With a vision you can read more about here, JK’s ethos is intentional and purposeful. A great songwriter and super producer (ask our clients), JK’s strengths also include vocal production and arrangement. If the studio isn’t your favourite place or if you want to take your recording experience up a notch, JK’s hands on approach will help deliver your best. Don’t be taken aback by his demonstrations (we think he was a hype-man in a far-off land of dreams) and if it doesn’t hurt too much, do give him some applause – it will make his day.



A performing artist in her own right, Tania Michelle Koeries brings 20 years of experience in corporate financial administration to Exilic Music. While we’re doing cartwheels to ensure your creativity is exercised to its full potential, Tania focuses on the bottom line. She is also the founder and CEO of TMK Solutions, a BBBEE level 1-verified business specializing in payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, taxation & company registrations. Tania is meticulous, service-driven and client-focused – though she won’t hover over you while you’re recording with us, her relational touch will be felt as she continues to contribute to our business ethic as a company.  A certified Senior Bookkeeper with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (SA) and a Tax Practitioner with SAIT, Tania Michelle brings to the table a trusted voice of reason and knowledgeable support to you.




Shadley Easthorpe is a man of few words, so if he seems a little quiet while picking out sounds for your track – don’t worry. When he’s not behind the production desk, he’s playing drums and arranging music. Shadley’s all about finding the the best musical compositions for your production needs and discovering how the instruments at play can amplify your voice, style and message. A little birdie let us know that if you tell him exactly what you’re looking for, he’ll give you just that.






If you want an honest opinion, ask Caleb Stevens. He’s genuine interest in the success of your project and artistry sits at the top of the reasoning behind no-beating-around-the-bush attitude. Caleb is a sound engineer who has experience with live sound and studio engineering. Caleb is currently a student at Cape Audio College and has already been certified as a Pro Tools 110 engineer. In his short career, Caleb has already worked with The Rudimentals, Constantiaberg Gift Fair, Newton & Co and Graham Ward on the 48 Hour Project. He’s always at hand to assist with your engineering and digital editing requirements at Exilic Music.






Between projects, you will always find Chelsea Titus greeting you with a smile and cheerful spirit. Though she’s bound to strike conversation and laugh at your jokes, she’s not a slacker and her first priority is always to get your job done. Always ready to buckle down and assist you well and on time, Chelsea is passionate about music production and absolutely loves what she does. Chelsea completed her internship with Exilic Music in December 2016 and is now pursuing a Diploma in Audio Engineering.





When you receive correspondence from us, you’ll most likely be chatting to Ashleigh Easthorpe. But don’t let her corporate ID fool you. Ashleigh is also a songwriter and artist who will be at hand to help if you need a dreamy metaphor or pungent hook. Above all, Ashleigh is a storyteller who knows how tricky it can be to organize your thoughts and bring them to life in a song or career in the industry. She’ll most likely slip you e-mails or pull you aside to discuss exactly what you have in mind for your project and translate your challenges or ideas into effective strategy going forward.





Mondzz (or Monde Mthombeni if you prefer) packed up his life in Jozi to pursue community development in the small town of Ocean View, Western Cape at the beginning of 2016. He joins Exilic Music as a production intern passionate about modern day hip hop and trap music. Through his work, he endeavours to pack a punch with new age sounds and motivational messages. He released his debut single titled “Senzeni Na” in April 2016 which features his beat making skills and lyrical prowess. Mondzz produced and released a follow up single “Ukukhanya” in September 2016.