6 Remix Lessons: “Neville D – Nobody Like Jesus” – Part I

by Jeremy G. Koeries

This year I had the sweet privilege of remixing my friend and colleague Neville D’s gospel hit, “Nobody Like Jesus“. I learnt so many lessons. I’ll share some of those lessons in a few posts. Let me start off with these: Ontogeny, Community & Proximity.

1. Ontogeny

Creating good art takes time. Creative excellence is a process. It takes time to become an excellent creative. It also takes time to create an excellent product. “Ontogeny” is a word borrowed from biology, meaning “the entire sequence of events involved in the development of an individual organism”. I think this word is fitting here – a number of events over a period of about 9 months was necessary for the development and production of this remix. Neville commissioned the remix shortly after new year (2016). 

Lesson Learnt: “Good Art Takes Time.”

Here’s a clip of Neville & I listening to a scratch track back in January, featuring Exilic Music administrator, writer, singer & poet Ashleigh Davids.


It’s one thing doing a remix along, in a bedroom,with just the original stems. It’s another thing getting one or two featured artists to record and email their verses to a beat-maker.

Lesson Learnt: “Community Is Always Better”

But still, there’s something even better.

3. Proximity

So Neville decided to get everyone together for this one. Everyone. Main artist. Featured artists. Producer. Engineer. Publicists. Media. And a few friends. Everyone. At the same time – a tough thing, given everyone’s profiles and schedules. See, it’s one thing tracking vocalists in the same studio at different times. But it’s “a-whole-nother-thing” having all the artists in the same PLACE at the same TIME, feeding off each other’s energy. We opted for the latter and the results were absolutely amazing!

Lesson Learnt: “Nothing Beats Community in Proximity”

Neville’s publicist, Cher, posted this on Facebook after the session!

This is what too much talent in one studio looks like! Kabelo Mabalane neville d  Lloyd Cele Loyiso Brian Temba Kurt Michael Herman Jeremy Koeries Alvin Hendricks #BOD2 #NobodyRemix

Posted by Cherilyn Murphy on Tuesday, 23 August 2016



Neville D - Nobody Like Jesus (JK Remix)Next time I’ll talk about Synergy, Humility and Artistry and the lessons I learnt in that regard. Meanwhile, you can stream the remix here and purchase it here. It was released on iTunes last Friday 4 November 2016. Let me know what you think.

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