Producer Profile: EB Inglis

Radio personality and blogger behind the Studio Talk blog series, is affectionately known by many names. Whether he’s just EB, The Inglisman or E.B.I, he has garnered the love and respect of listeners, peers and clients which has created the community he now nurtures through his company, EB Inglis Music (PTY) LTD.

What made you decide to be a music producer?

It was a natural progression from starting out as an artist and songwriter. I was in a vocal group with high school friends and the rest of the group were studying sound engineering and producing music on FL Studio (then Fruity Loops). So I learnt from them. I also studied sound engineering after that and grew really fascinated with how songs are put together.

When did you get started in music production?

I was 18 years old and in matric when I started producing. Although I’ve been writing songs since I was about 8 years old.

Which artists have you produced for/collaborated with?

Miss Celaneous, Jack Parow and most recently, Lady Noir. Myself along with my friends, Moeneeb Galant and Kyle Mac D have formed a songwriting and production crew called 3√łnTheFLOOR and we produced Lady Noir’s debut single, “Bad Ideas”. There are others but those projects have not yet been released so I cannot mention it at this stage.

Do you use hardware, software or a hybrid approach?

I produce and record mainly on software. But I have a few hardware pieces.

What advice do you give your clients most often?

Do whatever it takes to get the best performance. The performance is EVERYTHING. Don’t settle for an OK take! Always aim for the best take where you get the right combination of emotion, energy, tone and rhythm that fits the song. People don’t always realise how hard recording can become. They think one or two takes are enough. Obviously if you are seriously talented or experienced, you will need less takes but more often than not, you would require many many different takes.

Mention one or two career highlights.

Haven’t reached it yet!

What was your motivation for launching the Studio Talk Vlogs?

I found that the same questions kept creeping up regarding the business and admin side of music especially radio playlisting and I thought instead of repeating myself, why not create a vlog? No one likes to read long drawn out blog articles anymore but people don’t mind watching 5 minute videos, therefore, I hope to educate as many as I can with my knowledge and experience.

EB is quite the social media guru so feel free to connect with him on Snapchat,Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. You can also see him at #MEX16 in Cape Town from 8th – 9th September where he will be engaging as a guest speaker.

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