Producer Profile: Camillo Lombard

Today we chat to legendary jazz producer, keyboardist and co-founder of Cape Music Institute, Camillo Lombard.

What made you decide to be a music producer?

I knew at a very young age that I had the gift of producing music, hence starting at 16 years old in my church scripting and arranging plays and musical productions. When I left school I knew that this is what I wanted to do…!!! Although I never had any formal training I learned through experience which is the ultimate teacher!

When did you get started in music production?

I started producing professionally in my twenties when I recorded with the band “Out of Town”.

Which artists or clients have you produced for?

I’ve produce for the following artists:

Jimmy Dludlu, Swazi Dlamini, Wanda Baloyi, Lindsay Petersen, Ambition, Carmen Exclusive, Xixel Langa, Die Burger Compilation, TOPDOG SA.

How would you describe your role as a music producer?

In my opinion, production is multifaceted. Your role definition takes on 3 streams namely music supervision, procurement and administration. You have to make 100% sure that the product (CD MASTER) you hand over to the record label is of excellent quality. The producer books the studio, engineer, session artists and takes care of all payments.

Do you use hardware, software or a hybrid approach?

The approach I use depends on the kind of project I’m dealing with. Electronic music requires software and hardware to accomplish my goals whereas in some cases I use acoustic instruments when the music requires that approach.

What advice do you give your recording artist clients most often?

As an artist, make sure the producer understands exactly what your expectations are so that he/she can deliver to the best of their abilities.

What advice do you have for upcoming producers?

1. Study music and learn to play an instrument. There are too many producers out there who depend on technology.

2. Always be open to criticism and try not to over produce the music. Music loves to breath so allow the energy to guide you.

3. Make sure the quality you produce is of an international standard and aspire to work with artists all over the world.

Mention a few career highlights.

A few highlights would be recording with drummer Marvin Mcquitty in 2005, Marvin was one of the most decorated session drummers in USA and at the time was working with Mary Mary, Fred Hammond and Israel Houghton. Another highlight was when legend Jonathan Butler recorded guitars on my song “Khaya”.

Which upcoming projects can we look forward to hearing you on?

Very soon we will be releasing an album by Mozambican Vocalist Xixel Langa!!!


Camillo will also musically direct the Taliep Petersen Tribute at Grandwest Arena on 29/10/16.

Purchase your ticket for the show here.


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