Producer Profile: Tim Feder

Jeremy Koeries


This month we launch a series of interviews with South African music producers.

Our first producer profile is that of TIM FEDER from Sounds Of The Nation (Cape Town) and TR Music. After the interview, click the link to check out his upcoming production course.


What made you decide to be a music producer?

I always had a passion for music arrangements and from a young age I really wanted to create my own music. Over the years I learnt to play various instruments and found myself drawn to learning more about production particularly over the last 15 years.

When did you get started in music production?

I was working full time as a music director & worship pastor for a church for about 8 years. It was around then that my interest for music production grew.

Do you use hardware, software or a hybrid approach?

I use both hardware and software. I love the anologue warmth of hardware preamps but I thoroughly enjoy the technology of some of the plugins. In our studio we have a Frontliner SPL Preamp which is awesome for vocals and acoustic guitars. However most of my mixing is done in the box with plugins from Waves, Brainworx, FabFilter, etc.

What advice do you give your clients most often?

Prepare your music before recording sessions. As a producer, when I’m working with a band or group, the hardest sessions are the ones where no one is prepared.

Mention one highlight of your career.

One of my highlights was being selected to join 14 other professional engineers from around the globe to be part of Mix With the Masters in 2014 (France). We got to train under Jimmy Douglass (The Senator), who mixed for Pharrel Williams, Alicia Keyes, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland.

What’s the motivation behind your Music Production Course?

I love developing and empowering people. I found that the one thing we need more in the local music industry is sharing of knowledge and experience. My goal for going to Mix With the Masters was to come back and share what I learnt from some of the world’s best.


Tim and his production partner Jason Skippers are hosting The Music Production Course from 11-13 August 2016. It is designed to help take Music Producers to the next level.

This course is ideal for Home Studio Engineers/Producers. Their focus will be mainly in Logic Pro X but the basic theory will apply to other DAWs as well.

Only 15 delegates will be accepted for this course

For more info, visit:

Music Production Course – AUGUST 2016

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