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Jeremy Koeries

This week in our series of interviews with South African music producers we profile GERSHWIN KOEN of Gershwin & The Music. Check the links after the interview to reach him.


What made you decide to be a music producer?

As a musician, musical director I was/am always concerned about the bigger picture – how we sound as a unit, the arrangement, volumes, dynamics and most importantly the lyrics….instead of just the sound of my own instrument. So becoming a producer was the obvious choice.

When did you get started in music production?

Please do not laugh at me but making backtracks (instrumentals) for singers and rappers is where it all began. Trying to copy the tracks as is actually helped me respect and appreciate the work of different singers, musicians and especially producers. I’m also grateful for guys like Grenville Williams, Ebrahim Mallum and Tyrone Marinus for their help over the years.

Which artists have you produced for?

BlaqPearl, Chad Saaiman, Lloyd Jansen, Isaac Monty, Jason Pretorius, Jonathan Rubain, Candice Thornton to name a few.

Do you use hardware, software or a hybrid approach?

I make use of both hardware and software.

What advice do you give your clients most often?

Never make music for your fellow artist, singer, musician or producer (to impress them). Make music for the people so that they can sing along, forget about their problems and have a good time.

Mention a few career highlights.

It’s kinda difficult listing those because to me every song I’ve ever had the opportunity of working on is a highlight in my books. If I had to choose it would be – producing a few songs on Lloyd Jansen’s self titled album that won best R&B album of the year at the MetroFm Awards, producing 2 songs for SABC TV and also co-writing 3 songs for the DA’s 2016 national campaign.

Are there any upcoming projects we can look forward to hearing you on?

I will be releasing some cool and interesting music with the likes of Jesse Jordan, BlaqPearl, Mindzoo Music, Varonica Meyer, Keziah Petersen, Leon Claasen and Kairos Unlimited.

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