Why Great Performing Artists Need Producers In Studio (Part Two)

Jeremy Koeries

Last week we launched an attempt to answer questions like:

  • Do you really need a dedicated producer?
  • Is your capacity to put on a killer live performance not enough to guarantee a top quality recording?

This week we’ll tackle two more reasons why your in-demand live act may need a producer for your next studio session.


Music producers are creatives – they are equipped to co-create your end product. They understand an artist’s commitment to creativity. But more than just understanding creativity, they know how to capture it! The scenic beauty of a landscape, though visually appealing to the naked eye, calls for the creative expertise of a photographer for it to be captured professionally. Factors like time of day, composition and depth of field are crucial, no matter how spectacular the creation in view. In the same way, the creative expertise of a record producer ensures that the best performance of your musical creation is documented (recorded) well in studio.


This one “goes without saying” but still we can’t say it enough! It’s one thing knowing where to go, it’s another thing knowing how to get there! Producers not only visualize outcomes, they also know how to actualize them. They work with an end-product in mind – even if though the outcome may not always be exactly what they set out to achieve. Throughout the recording process, they are managing quality control. They can keep in mind the tension between an organic performance and a polished production, between pushing the creative envelope and staying true to the general rules of a musical genre. They are concerned with dynamics, not just arrangement. They evaluate the quality of a song, not just the quality of a performance. They know that the recording process is important, but ultimately, they aim to present a quality end-product to music consumers and art lovers.

Producers add value to studio sessions because they bring vision and cohesion to great performances. Through professional documentation and production, they turn great performances into quality recordings. It could be said that “performing artist + record producer = recording artist!” So, please make sure someone’s producing your music next time your crew is in studio.

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