What is a Music Production Project Plan?

Jeremy Koeries


This week we give you a glimpse into our approach to studio project planning for a 10-track album. This is an example of actual correspondence between our studio and a client. It also highlights seven (7) phases of the music production process. Check it out:



Dear Jeff


Your 50% deposit has been received with many thanks. It reflected today.


My assistant will forward you a receipt as proof of payment.



This is going to be a bit long, but it will hopefully provide a vivid narrative of the entire project.


Phase 1: Songwriting and Arranging

We had extremely productive sessions last week, and particularly yesterday and today. The basic songwriting and arrangement phase of the project is now done. We’ve created scratch tracks for all 10 songs. Everything is available in the DropBox folder. NB: scratch tracks are not an indication of what the final product will sound like. They merely contain info regarding the ideal keys, tempos and song arrangements. I remain completely open to any further changes and adjustments you may require as the vision you’re running with unfolds.


Phase 2: Rehearsal

We will now progress to the PRODUCTION and RECORDING phase, kicking off next Wednesday 21 NOVEMBER, with live drumming rehearsals with Karl at his home, using the scratch tracks we created. Alex will steer this process as the musical director for the “band”, guiding Karl to deliver the best live performances for the song ideas we’ve created. I will create “click tracks” of all the songs for Karl to rehearse to, and oversee the rehearsals from a production stand-point.


Phase 3: Tracking Drums

As soon as Karl is ready, I’ll book studio time at Nicstar Productions in Ravensmead to record Karl’s drumming to all our songs. The amount of drumming studio sessions we require is dependant on how well Karl can master the scratch tracks in rehearsals. I will only progress to the studio once I’m sure that Karl is comfortable with the tracks. Depending on Karl’s progress and the studio’s availability, this may be as early as 27 or 28 NOVEMBER 2012.


Phase 4: Production

Once we’ve tracked (recorded) all Karl’s work, Alex and I will return to my studio to continue the PRODUCTION process, editing and recording new instruments to Karl’s drums. I aim to have at least 3 or 4 songs ready for vocal recording before I go on leave on Friday 21 DECEMBER.


Phase 5: Production/Recording

Once we have done sufficient work on each track, the backing vocalists will be RECORDED.

Once most of the work on each track is done, we’ll add lead vocals. All this will happen in January.


Phase 6: Editing/Mixing

This is scheduled for the month of February. I will require Alex to sit in and give input on the sound. He may also need to assist with overdubs (replaying/re-recording certain musical parts). I will also mix a lot of this work in private, and leave it on dropbox for you and Alex to audition.


Phase 7: Mastering

This service is outsourced. It is scheduled for late Feb/early March. It is a two-week process. It is the final step in creating a quality recording. Please advise if you are happy for me to outsource to a Cape Town-based engineer at RXXX per track (RXXXX in total). I can send you samples of his work.

Thereafter we still require two additional weeks for manufacturing.


While I am not involved in this phase, it will include:

– compiling album credits, messages and thanks

– artwork, design, photography, printing

– replication/duplication

(Don’t forget to chat to PJ about quotes for the latter).

Lastly, FYI. The key roles (and official titles) for the production of this project are:

Executive Producer (ie: project head, funder and overall visionary for the project and product): JEFF DANIELS


Producer (creation/enhancement/realization of the sonic vision of the product): JK/EXILIC MUSIC


Co-Producer, Arranger and Musical Director: ALEX STEVENS


I think things are going extremely well so far. Thanks for this opportunity.

Grace and peace,



How does your project plan differ from ours? Let us know in the comments below.


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