Six Producers You Need To Know: Part 2

Jeremy Koeries

In our previous post, we identified the characteristics of three types of producers in the field: “The Musician”, “The Composer” and “The Singer/Songwriter”. In today’s post we explore “The Engineer/Musician”, ” The DJ/Beatmaker” and “The Traditional Producer”.

The Engineer/Musician

This producer is both an excellent musician and a highly skilled engineer or programmer. Their love for music and their passion for engineering sets them apart from other producers. They often possess an extensive knowledge of outboard gear, the science of audio engineering and the technical aspects of the recording process. SA producers who fit this role are Theo Crous (Springbok Nude Girls), Chrighton Goodwill, Clinton Maneveldt, Joe (JB) Arthur, and Warwick Sony.

The DJ/Beatmaker

This type of producer transcends the roles of the traditional DJ and the modern-day beatmaker. They don’t merely play or compile previously recorded music. They do more than just create musical accompaniment or instrumental beats. They are able to turn their instrumental creations into complete songs with commercial appeal. They have also learnt the art of collaborating with lyricists and vocalists best suited for their tracks when the song requires it. Examples of this producer include Oscar “Oskido” Mdlongwa, Arthur Mafokate, Black Coffee, Ameen Harron, Dokte, Dr Duda and DJ Clock.

The Traditional Producer

This kind of producer oversees the recording process in a more traditional sense. In this case, while they are usually exceptionally talented and experienced musicians in their own right, they may not even be involved in the production process as songwriters, instrumentalists or engineers. Rather, their work of bringing together the best team, tactics and resources to achieve the best sonic result is what makes them sought after as producers. Often, they are responsible for producing bands, even though they are not band members. South African examples here include 80s pop and dance team Attie & Isa Van Wyk, Gospel hitmakers Lindelani Mkhize and Mthunzi Namba,  Trevor Sampson and Sibusiso Victor Masondo.

Which kind of producer do you think best suits your sound?

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