Why Recording Artists Don’t Need Recording Labels

 Jeremy Koeries is the Managing Director and Executive Producer of Exilic Music. Join him in a three part discussion wherein which he will share his thoughts on why recording artists do not need record labels in 2016.

In 2016, recording artists don’t need record labels, i.e. traditional recording companies who offer recording contracts and help artists record and release their music. There are many reasons. In this post, I’ll briefly summarize how the music industry landscape has shifted. This is true across the globe. Basically, it means that aspiring recording artists need new goals.

Our world has changed. Some call it a “recording revolution”. The music industry has experienced a radical shift over the past 10 to 15 years. In this day and age, most record companies are no longer the answer to artists’ prayers, because artists can basically do what labels used to do through modern technology. This technology essentially involves two highly accessible items, i.e. low cost, high-quality recording studio equipment, and the internet! Basically, and quite realistically, with technology improving everyday, a computer, smartphone or a tablet and music production software is now the new recording studio! It also includes the internet – the new means for learning, networking, co-creating, co-labouring, sharing and trading. Many, even in developing nations, already have access to decent computers and the internet.

The internet has also in many ways shifted customer loyalty. Some are now asking “why should I pay for something that I can get for nothing, or next to nothing?”. Those born in the mid-1990s, as the internet was becoming more accessible to ordinary computer users, have grown up with digital music all around them. The culture of buying physical albums is almost completely foreign to them. For these reasons and more, record companies can’t afford to sign new artists! The market just doesn’t allow them to make huge revenue through CD sales anymore (walk into any Musica and see how it has decreased in size…you’ll find more games, movies, music dvds and accessories than music CDs). Record labels just don’t have the resources to take the risk anymore.

That’s why getting a record deal should no longer be the goal for a new artist!

Having a CD should not be the first goal of a new artist

So what goals should new or existing artists be prioritizing? I’ll discuss this in part two.

HINT: These goals are in fact not new – they are the same goals any serious performing artist has aiming for over the centuries!

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