Understanding Streaming, Episode 1 – Brief History of Recorded Music

Understanding STREAMING, Episode 1 – Brief History of Recorded Music

“Streaming has become hugely popular in the music industry. It is the primary way music in which music is legally consumed today”, says JK in UNDERSTANDING STREAMING, a new blog series from Exilic Music.

Digital Music Streaming Services have been in South Africa for four years now. They are here to stay. They give music consumers access to millions of songs at low costs. On the other hand, they give music creators relatively little in return. We created this series of videos to empower recording artists and music creatives. We hope that it will help you to win in this streaming era.

In Episode 1 of Understanding Streaming, JK presents a brief overview of the recorded music industry and outlines how we arrived at the current streaming era. #streaming #UnderstandingStreaming


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