What is Music Administration?

Now that we have shared five benefits of outsourcing your music admin requirements, we should probably tell you what we mean when we refer to music administration! If you have been scratching your head, wonder no more!

When you think about administration, you may think about paperwork! Though this is not all that administration entails, in the case of music administration, you are off to a great start.

Quite broadly, administration refers to the activity or process of running a business or organisation. It includes day to day operations and weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual procedures which must be adhered to. It usually consists of various processes and systems which allow any individual or group to function at their best and meet the requirements of their industry.

Every component of your career (or hobby) as a music artist or producer has a component of administration. Whether you think about the way in which you record music (our eight step edit is a good example) or the booking agent you took on last year, there is admin all around you, supporting your end product aka music. As an independent artist, you may not have the luxury of assigning your admin to a record label, publisher or manager – which is where Exilic Music comes in…

What music administration services do we offer?

Our music administration services deal specifically with processes relating to the registration, licensing and distribution of your music. We work closely with you to make sure you have crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s when preparing for or following up on a music release, which may include the filing of any relevant applications and payment of fees where due. We then partner with music aggregators, collection societies, publishers, and radio stations to make sure that your music is heard and that you are credited and compensated when this happens.

At present we offer the following music administration services:

  • SAMRO Registration & Royalties Follow Up
  • CAPASSO Registration
  • Digital Distribution
  • Radio Distribution
  • ISRC Codes
  • CCLI Owner Agreement
  • CCLI Licenses
  • Clearance Certificate Application (for cover versions)
  • Social Media Profile Setup

Are you interested in finding out more? Join us on Tuesday, 25 July 2017 as we chat to radio and entertainment personality, DJ Eazy, at his “Eazy Duz It” Creative Sessions. 



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  1. Hey sir hope you well would like to get a quote for the following: recording of 2 song (mixing/mastering) digital distribution as well as radio distribution

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