UNPACK THE TRACK Episode 9: Jerome Rex – Lekker Jy, Pt 2

Exilic Music presents UNPACK THE TRACK, where we go behind the scenes to check out the stems we used to put together one of our music or vocal production projects, either composed, produced or mixed by us. We hope that a look at our project or mix sessions will give you a glimpse into our music production process. As a result, we hope that it will inspire you to create great music. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Blog and YouTube channel.

Episode Summary

“Lekker Jy” by Jerome Rex not only boasts a feel-good 90’s R&B vibe. It also pays homage to single mothers. The track is from his 2013 début, Jerome en Geselskap. In this episode, we examine the track’s vocals while also showcasing our vocal production techniques. The song also features the magnificent talents of Neo-Soul/Jazz vocalist, Ms Lenda.

Vocal Production Techniques

“Lekker Jy” features male as well as female lead vocals. First of all, we explain our technique for producing Jerome’s lead vocals. Next, we unpack the signal processing as well as the production techniques used on Ms Lenda’s vocals. Finally, we show you how we navigated the specific vocal register of each artist. This was done to ensure that each vocalist sounded their best while still blending well on this record.

Song Credits

“Jerome Rex – Lekker Jy featuring Ms Lenda”
Produced, recorded and mixed by JK for Exilic Music
Programming and vocal production: JK
Live Bass: Ryan May
Mastered by Kevin Reed at MediaMix, Cape Town

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