What Is A Vocal Producer?  Part 4

So far we’ve defined vocal production and unpacked 2 of 3 key concepts in this definition. Let’s look at the third concept.


Vocal producers know the song, the arrangement and the producer’s vision well.

  • Know the song:

This means they can navigate quickly through various parts of the song making sure that one part of the performance fits in with the overall song.

  • Know the arrangement:

This means they can help the artist deliver a dynamic performance that best suits the song structure. They know where backing vocals, ad libs, solo parts and stacked parts are needed. They may also be skilled vocal arrangers, able to create dynamic harmony parts that work well with the song

  • Know the producers vision:

Where the vocal producer is not the producer, this knowledge makes it easy for them to get the artist to deliver the performance (whether laid back, soulful, poppish, jazzy, aggressive, emotive, jovial, edgy, raspy, loud, soft, low or high pitched, etc) that best suits the overall production.

Of course the vocal producer may also be the record producer, but a record producer who’s work does not include the specific art and science of vocal production (done by himself or someone else) is producing a sub-par record!

Simply stated, vocal production is capturing the best vocal performance in line with a record producer’s sonic vision.

Make sure you have a vocal producer on board for your next recording session.

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