What Is A Vocal Producer?  Part 3


Vocal production is capturing the best vocal performance in line with a record producer’s sonic vision.


And in Part 2  of this series we looked briefly at what is called capturing.

Now let’s go ahead and chat about best vocal performance.



A vocal producer is highly musical. Sometimes they are great singers in their own right, vocal coaches or musicians. Sometimes they are great vocal arrangers.

They always have an excellent ear for music and can spot a sub-par or off-key delivery easily. They may be the producer, or a vocal specialist.  They can unlock a dynamic performance from within the most insecure vocalist.

They may or may not be responsible for post-production and/or processing recorded vocals, but their focus is first on performance, not processing.

They have also mastered creative (sneaky) ways of tracking brilliant performances, like telling the artist that it’s just a warm-up/rehearsal/rough take when recording, releasing the artist from the pressure of recording that perfect take.

Sure, some artists can deliver their own best performance, making them both recording artists and vocal producers, but it’s always helpful to have some objective (outside) input on something’s as personal as art!

In Part 4, the last segment in this mini-series on vocal production, we’ll consider how the vocal producer works in line with the producer’s vision.

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