Digital audio editing: Learn how to produce high quality music which is radio-ready and commercially viable in eight simple steps

Digital audio editing is crucial for preparing radio-ready, commercially viable, high quality music productions. But if that’s not enough, here are three reasons why you should keep this little bugger front of mind.


Why having a digital audio editing system saves you time


The creative process is sacred and draining. You leave your blood, sweat and tears on a track and repeat the action when it’s time to edit, mix and master. Perhaps you are lucky to outsource this process. But if you are a DIY artist and producer, the time you spend creating a single song can go vary from weeks to months! Having a digital audio editing system saves you time (and energy) because your process is already  laid out for you. You already provide your creative input and spend long hours at the desk, don’t waste valuable moments wondering what to do next.


How a digital audio editing process acts as a form of quality control


No matter if you have been in the industry for two months or two decades, you will have heard by now that consistency is key.

  • Having a digital audio editing system in place (such as our eight step edit) creates a paper trail to follow.
  • It serves as a checklist to use throughout your day.
  •  You can go on to use the digital audio editing system to assess if their are any inconsistencies in your work.
  • If you are feeling smart, you could compare the quality of each step across a body of work and see where you can uplift or improve a step in one or more of the songs!
When to introduce a digital audio editing system to your team


Whether you are outsourcing production work to industry professionals or find yourself as part of a team, being on the same page promotes effeciency and manages expectations. When hiring someone to do digital audio editing for you, ask them about their process. When leading a team, introduce your digital audio editing principles early. Make sure your team understands and applies each phase. It might seem like a chore at first but we can guarantee that everyone will end up smiling when your music is playlisted on radio!


Our digital audio editing workflow

We call it the eight step edit, which means that their are eight steps! Clever huh?

The eight step edit is part of our internship curriculum and adopted by every producer on our team. We eat, sleep and breathe the eight step edit. No song is complete without it. In the video below, JK fills you in on the first four steps! You can also see part two here. 


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