What Is A Vocal Producer? Part 1

Vocal production is an often overlooked part of the music recording and production process.

In this four part mini-series, we’ll first aim to get you thinking about the concept, define the concept and then discuss three key aspects of vocal production.

When considering the work of recording and producing a vocal performance, let’s start with some questions which you may (or may not) have been asking.

  • Are vocal producers even necessary today?
  • Is this just an old school concept from the days before home studios?
  • Do they arrange the vocals or is that the work of the songwriter and/or musical director?
  • Do they simply record the vocals or is that the tracking engineer’s job?
  • Is vocal production about processing vocal tracks with effects?
  • Do record producers just focus on creating the instrumental track and make sure the vocalists stay in key, or can they auto-tune vocals later?
  • Can you record vocals without a vocal producer?
  • Are vocal producers relevant for all genres of music with vocals?
  • Is it a role distinct from record production or not?

The answers to these questions vary from Yes and No to Maybe.

In Part 2, we’ll look at a working DEFINITION FOR VOCAL PRODUCTION and unpack key concepts of this definition.

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